Every Kid Deserves an Amazing Childhood...and a Voice.

Childhood is special. It happens just once and no two of us have the exact same experience. As we learn more and more about the impact of childhood, we have found lifelong influences on everything from health and financial stability to career choice, relationships, and overall happiness. And yet, as essential as this time in their lives is, children get very little say in their day-to-day lives and have no official voice in legislatures or child-serving systems.


Kids don’t have high-priced lobbyists. They don’t have superPACs, and they don’t have nationwide ad blitzes. They have you—and with your support, they have Voices for Ohio’s Children. In a democracy, that’s still enough to make a real difference. Our policy work focuses on a variety of issues affecting Ohio’s children:

Afterschool Programs
Healthcare Access & Coverage

Home Visiting
Infant Mortality
Juvenile Justice
Preschool & Early Learning
Quality Childcare
School-based Healthcare

Youth Development




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