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How is Public Policy Impacting YOUR Family?

Did you know you can play a vital role in our state and national public policy debates? Voices’ Policy Team has quoted local and state statistics with our members of Congress and the Ohio General Assembly—we have shared charts and graphs on social media, we have created fact sheets and written op-eds. But, it’s Ohioan’s individual experiences, the stories of families that make our message real.


It’s a single mom not having to choose between treating her son’s asthma and going back to school because he's covered under the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). It’s an at-risk 1-year-old celebrating his first birthday because his family had support from the Help Me Grow home visiting program. It’s a girl in foster care turning 18 and knowing that while she has a lot to figure out, she can breathe a little easier knowing the new Bridges program is available to support her as she transitions to adulthood.


Stories matter. Tell yours here and we’ll share it with our representatives here in Ohio and in Washington, D.C. so they can see the world of difference public policy and programs make for kids and families across the state.




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