New Fact Sheet: With Medicaid Per Capita Caps, Ohio Loses

June 14, 2017

At Voices, we strive to provide resources for our supporters and partners to use in their advocacy efforts and in communications with policymakers. 


As discussion continue in the U.S. Senate about an ACA replacement bill, one concern for healthcare advocates is Medicaid caps. That is why Voices is releasing a new fact sheet that outlines how caps would harm Ohio.


Medicaid caps limit the total amount of federal Medicaid funds states can receive. While some states will experience deeper cuts than others, every state is at risk for major losses, and no state will see an increase in federal funds. Caps will lock in historic spending trends without regard to Ohio’s future need or predicted growth, and will disproportionately harm lower income states and states that expanded Medicaid, like Ohio. Furthermore, the caps would make it harder for Ohio to respond to crises: federal Medicaid funding would no longer increase
automatically to share the cost of care after natural disasters, new epidemics, or costly new medical treatments or public health emergencies, like the opioid epidemic or Zika. The cap also wouldn’t have the flexibility to meet demographic changes, such as the rise in seniors’ Medicaid costs as they age, leaving states with even larger cuts over the long run. A federal funding cap cannot appropriately account for the specific spending pressures, needs,
and values of Ohio.


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