Because children do not vote, they often do not have a voice. Fortunately we have organizations like Voices for Ohio's Children to speak on behalf of child health, safety, education and future success.”   

Stacy Simera

Health Policy Director, Ohio Chapter, Start School Later

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Ohio's Children Are Not Well.

1 in 5 Ohio Children Live in Poverty.

Poor nutrition and obesity are endemic. 
Lack of early learning and quality childcare isn't helping.

There are many nonprofit organizations and government programs that provide services to Ohio’s children and families, but programs alone are not enough. Programs come and go. If we are to sustain longterm gains, then systematic changes and enhanced efficiencies in public policies are essential. Public policies have a profound impact on vulnerable children and the organizations that serve them—and whether policy proposals advance or falter will be up to the men and women we elect to political office.

Yet Children are Voiceless.


Kids don’t have high-priced lobbyists. They don’t have superPACs, and they don’t have nationwide ad blitzes. They have you—and with your support, they have Voices for Ohio’s Children. In a democracy, that’s still enough to make a real difference.


Our policy work’s goals focus on a variety of issues affecting Ohio’s children:


  • Afterschool Programs

  • Behavioral Health 

  • Child Welfare

  • Grade-Level Reading

  • Healthcare Access & Coverage

  • Home Visiting 

  • Hunger

  • Infant Mortality

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Multi-System Youth

  • Obesity and Wellness

  • Oral Healthcare

  • Preschool & Early Learning

  • Quality Childcare

  • School-based Healthcare

  • Youth Development




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